the plot thickens with the metamovie

Play a role in a live, feature-length cinematic VR experience!

VR Awards Rising VR Company of the Year - 2023
A MAZE Winner - 2023 Best Multiplayer Game

You don’t watch this movie, you live it! As you journey through this vast, cinematic VR adventure, you’ll be joined by supporting characters played by live actors.

Together with fifteen other role-playing audience members, your entire cast will embark on a revolutionary shared storytelling experience.

cutting edge vr technology meets the excitement of a live performance

All the supporting characters along for your feature-length VR movie ride are played by live, professional actors who log in from all over the globe. Our actors are trained in the art of improv — and skilled at making sure you have a blast.

A new way to take in a movie with friends

MetaMovies are made to be experienced together. Book one ticket and meet new friends. Do the mission with a partner or book all 5 Hero tickets and bring a group!

Desktop Mode Now Available

No VR, no problem. Sidekick tickets are now available for desktop mode. Fly along with everyone using your mouse and keyboard on a PC. Asymmetric VR meets live interactive performance!

Powered by Resonite

Alien Rescue is powered by Resonite, the most progressive and technologically advanced metaverse engine on earth. This means you'll wear the most advanced avatars, experience gorgeous environments, and socialize with players from all over the world. Resonite is the future of the metaverse, and the only place you can experience the MetaMovie.

The MetaMovie Presents:

Alien Rescue

Team up with a band of alien-rights activists to help rescue the Zibanejor, a rare and noble alien creature being held captive at the secretive Kelosite Research Facility. Known to have the most toxic blood in the universe, the Zibanejor has become the potentially catastrophic project of scientists set on creating a weapon of untold devastation.

With the ruthless intentions of the Kelosite’s shadowy faction - and a massive facility full of harrowing encounters - between you and the liberation of the Zibanejor, this mission will be the ultimate test of your wits, battle readiness, and where your loyalties truly lie.

  • The massive Blackhawk ship will transport you and your team to Palnetter, where your mission begins
  • The Hero, a masked stranger recruited by the Luci.
  • Cello, logistics, navigation, expert marksman and avid climber.
  • Z is the leader of the mission and a member of the Luci, an alien-rights activist group. She’s deadly, but lives by a strong moral code.
  • Baxter, explosives and electronics specialist. Wisecracking troublemaker.
  • Eyebots are miniature flying drones, created by Elbee, a mischievous helper-bot to the captain of the Blackhawk.
  • Ursula, the AI captain of the Blackhawk, briefs the team.
  • Quaal soldier with flamethrower. Brutal colonizers, the Quaal are using Kelosite to manufacture bio-weapons for use in the Quaal-Konathi 20 year war.
  • Inside Kelosite, creatures big and small, harmless and deadly, await you. Survival is not guaranteed.